'Drum Beat Journey' Captures Chicago Drummers Journey From the Windy City to Senegal (VIDEO)

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Drum Beat Journey

“Armed with no more than a bucket and a pair of sticks, they hit the beat every day, entertaining the masses to earn a living and provide an escape from the harsh realities that plague their lives” - Elilta Tewelde, Executive Producer, Drum Beat Journey

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For African-American men Demetrius, D’Quan, Dontay, and DaMonte, playing bucket drums are as much an emotional release as they are a form of creative expression. Drum Beat Journey is a documentary that follows the four as they travel from the tumultuous streets of Chicago to Senegal for a life-altering experience.

Through a two-week drumming workshop with Senegalese Griot Percussionist Medoune Gueye, the young men become even more skilled drummers than they were before and become more in tune with themselves in the process.

With Drum Beat Journey wrapping up post production, the film is almost finished. You can donate to its director and crew via the film's indiegogo site in order to see it finished professionally.