#DumpTrump If You Haven't Already

Comedy High NYC is back with their newest parody: "Carrot Cake", which promotes #dumptrump.
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Donald Trump.... Get Tha' Steppinnnnn!

Donald Trump.... Get Tha' Steppinnnnn!

Politics has always been a touchy subject of discussion. Issues on immigration, equality, equal rights etc; is a tough thing to approach. Donald Trump in his 2016 Campaign for President has managed to piss off millions of people. Including those in his own political party. Why? Because he's an asshole who made it past serious politicians seeking a spot in the oval office. Being deemed racist, chauvinist and fraudulent, most people believe he's unfit for Presidency.

Can you blame them for believing so?

Jenni and Jesenia of Comedy High make a bold statement in this video piece, while helping us catch a few laughs We hope Trump sees this and feels embarrassed by his foolish statements.

​#dumptrump on your vote and check it out below.