Dutch Safety Board: Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Downed By Russian-Made Missile

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Dutch Safety Board chairman on Tuesday said that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crashed because a Russian-made Buk missile exploded right next to the airplane's cockpit on the left side.

"Flight 17 crashed as the result of the detonation of a warhead outside the airplane," said chairman Tjibbe Joustra. After the explosion, he added, "the forward part of the plane was torn off."via

Dutch safety board concluded that "As a result of the impact and the subsequent blast, the three crew members in the cockpit were killed immediately and the aeroplane broke up in the air. Wreckage from the aeroplane was distributed over various sites within an area of 50 square kilometres," or about 31 square miles."via

Russian concernt Almaz-Antey said in June that their investigation suggested that the plane was brought down by a Buk model that was no longer in service with the Russian military.

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