Ebony Magazine's November Cover Depicts The End Of An Era With The Cosby Show

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Is TheCosby Show's reputation ruined by the allegations against Bill Cosby? Or can we differentiate between the man on the show and the man in real life?


That's the questions that has everyone up in arms. Ebony Magazine's latest issue has a "Cosby Show" family portrait inside of a broken glass frame, indicating an end to an era.

The Cosby Show taught a lot of people different life lessons ranging from sex, drugs, peer pressure, dealing with school, and so much more. The show is also an inspiration showing that two African American parents can have it all, successful, prominent careers and a family that values love, respect, integrity, and unity.

In a time where there weren't many black people on television, or the ones that were ended up portraying stereotypes; The Cosby Show showed a different black family.


After all of the drug and rape allegations against Dr. Bill Cosby; many people have called for its removal on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Networks that did reruns of the show have now stopped. The man many people looked up to is not the same man in a lot of people's eyes.

However, the question that lingers is can we as a community separate Dr. Huxtable from Bill Cosby.

Dr. Huxtable was the man we learned to love on television, he was the man that inspired so many people, especially black men and families. His family became our family. He was everyone's TV dad.

The drama surrounding Dr. Cosby has definitely soiled his reputation and how we look at him, but Dr. Huxtable is still a good father figure.


Can we separate Dr. Huxtable from Dr. Cosby? Or will they forever be intertwined? Dr. Cosby definitely will never gain his image back, especially after so many women have all come together to say the same thing, but Dr. Huxtable is a good man.

The Cosby Show is still a good show for families to watch and learn from, the Huxtables are a good inspiration for families.

I believe The Cosby Show should still live on because the content and lessons do not change because of something that was done outside of the show. The Huxtable family is still a good family in terms of bringing everyone together and working together. A lot of people feel the cover should not have happened, especially by a black magazine publication, but the reality is that it is hard for many to look at the show the same way again.

History may have changed, but this show will forever be part of history.