Ellen Surprises Comedian & Cancer Victim Quincy Jones with HBO Special

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Ellen is known for making miracles happen with her amazing gifts and projects for people, communities, etc. Quincy Jones, a 32-year-old stand-up comedian was blessed to be one of those people. With the help of Ellen calling for HBO to grab his talent, Jones was able to land a Co-sign with HBO, allowing his standup special to be aired on HBO.

Jones revealed being diagnosed with cancer with the launch of a kickstarter campaign back in February. He opened up about his story with this diagnose last week being featured on the Ellen DeGeneres’s Show. He explained how he was given one year to live, and felt like he needed something to show for. Since then his campaign has exceeded his goal of $5,000 reaching over $50,00 in donations.

Jones was back on Ellen’s show Monday, where he received the good news about HBO airing his stand-up special Monday. Ellen also publicized that Shutterfly had donated $15,000 to help with promotion and production costs of the special.

The special is set to be filmed on April 4th in Los Angeles. Check out the clip of Jones receiving the great news, and visit his campaign website to support, learn more, and learn about ticket purchasing. Click here for more information.