Erica Campbell's "I Luh God" Stirs Religious Controversy

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Erica Campbell (formally one half of Mary Mary) recently released her newest record "I Luh God" about a month or two ago. Since then, mixed reviews have been cast out about her usage of "secular" music blended with the "gospel", with Campbell being a devout Christian artist. And of course, more and more people are leaning towards the disagreeance with how this track presents itself versus the likes of the traditional modern Gospel record. "Trap Gospel" - is a better explanation of it's description in genre.

Which brings us to this conclusion:

Does it really matter?

This track is bangin - no doubt about it. The message is awesomely pure, yet inspiring, contrary to most Hip-Hop records released today. The usage of "trill" production appeals to the 13-35 crowd, which is obviously accompanied by the new age style of "mumble" rapping, which is undoubtedly a favorite in modern rap. Throw in a cool video, simple enough to get the point across, and boom... You got a potential hit Hip-Hop track on your hands.

But if the track is fire, why isn't the Christian community embracing it?

In my opinion, it's the same reason why ignorance is "running" wild amongst the modern day world -People fear what they don't know or aren't accustomed to.

Why hasn't the Christian community yet taken a stand against traditional Trap Hip-Hop? They're not speaking on anything positive you'd want your kids listening to. So why not condemn those artists who purposely appeal to the youth with influential negative records? It's a good question that hasn't been answered thus far.

Meanwhile, "lets attack Ms. Erica Cambell for making a positive, appealing gospel record for the youth and adults, because it sounds like Trap..." Is this what it's come to? We stand tall against the righteous and silence ourselves to the wrongdoing? A crock of bull ..... is what I call it. If "I Luh God" promotes the Gospel in a new, refreshing way that hasn't been publicized by the media, why not give it a fair shot? This record could save tons of lost souls in need of inspiration and guidance. Who sets the bar on the standards of modern day praise to your creator in Heaven? We thought that was free will by natural right?

 Campbell's Newest Album titled "Help".

Campbell's Newest Album titled "Help".

I know for certain, going to church as young boy, I used to feel slightly out of place singing old school hymns and christian spirituals. It just felt weird, because I didn't really feel "cool" singing it. Honestly, I was majorly embarrassed standing up in a pew, praising Jesus in a way that wasn't organic to my personality. My peers would snicker and giggle at my "being forced" to so, and honestly - I completely understood why. But if "I Luh God" was being performed in those same church services, I wouldn't be the only kid standing, giving praise. Maybe my mother would've been sitting down in this case, but not me.

Music speaks to people in different ways. Erica Campbell's approach communicates loudly to the followers of Hip Hop and Trap. Most of them being young in the first place. I'm positive that her intention was to do just that with this record. Such a key strategy in relating to those who may have not have been drawn to this track, had it not been for it's style of production.

My point is simply put, if it isn't hurting anything or anyone - why attack it? Would you hurt an innocent person who hasn't done a thing to cause such action? Im sure your answer is NO. If it's yes, you're truly in need of some serious therapy. So for now, lets leave Ms. Erica Campbell out of it, and just embrace her refreshing approach on reaching out further than most through music.

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