Ever Wondered What Life Working For Vogue Is Like?

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Vogue Magazine is the world's biggest publication in the name of fashion.

Thousands of fashion's top experts in the field work directly with the company on a daily for each monthly exclusive issue worldwide. On top of this, many who are aspiring to get closer to the action, seek out internships at companies and publications - such as Vogue.

The ultimate goal for the upcoming is to either get featured, make the cover, or work alongside or for this fashion giant to propel their brands, or to accelerate their careers.

H&M Life caught up with Vogue's Sarah Harris (Fashion Editor, Vogue UK) and Timothy Rennie (Promotions Creative Director, Vogue) to catch a glimpse of the culture behind it's workers, and what makes the wheel spin behind the scenes.

If you're aspiring to get into fashion, or many of it's limitless industries, this post is for you. Let it be an inspiring tool to help guide your path towards your destiny. Check out the videos below, courtesy of H&M Life.