Everyman Porter Key Knife

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A knife is essential to every man on the face of the planet. It completes his daily arsenal in the daily walk through life's journey.

Andrew Capener and Asher Seevinck (who also sings in the band Loud Harp) have created the EverymanPorter Key Knife, in hopes to become the new standard of pocket tool gadgets. A sleek, chic design that looks like a regular key on your ring, colored in a matte black. It's not bulky, contrary to the Swiss Pocket Knife tool, and is extremely light. Here's a quick fix to solve life's everyday problems, e.g. forgetting to bring the beer opener to the cookout with the fellas.

I remember getting my first pocket knife when I was 12 years old. A red and silver Swiss army one. It was equipped with all the coolest little features. Can opener, corkscrew, a small blade, and a small pair of pocket pliers. I never had to use it in self defense, but for life's little tricky odd jobs, it was great that I had it on hand.

But it looks like ill be having to replace it soon, because I'm really feeling the Everyman Porter Key Knife. Order yours now via the Everyman KickstarterThere's a quick turnaround time: expected shipping is next month, July 2015.

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