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Everyman Wants You To Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Pen

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Everyman, widely known for it's initial Kickstarter success with the Porter Keyknife is back with a new modern re-invention - the Grafton. Essentially replacing either the Pilot G2, Zebra F-70 or the Fisher space pen, this clever tool is simply compatible with the refill cartridges of these popular writing utensils. Thoughtfully designed, featuring an 100% aluminum pen body, the Grafton not only looks great, but writes just as well as it presents itself.

Here's a few of it's key features: 

  • 100% Anodized Aluminum Pen Body
  • Heavy Duty Bolt On Clip
  • Expertly Weighted
  • Reliable Buy-For-Life Design
  • Deep Groove Grip
  • Includes everything needed to use both Pilot G2 (.38mm, .5mm, .7mm or 1.0mm) and Fisher Space Pen refills (Medium, Fine or Bold).
  • Comes with one Black .7mm Everyman Grafton Refill Cartridge (based on G2 refills)

Already surpassing it's initial public pitch via Kickstarter for funding ($32,000 out of $10,000 dollars) its clear to identify the people's need of such resource. Writing is essential for everyone. Why not do it comfortably and efficiently?