EXCLUSIVE: Chevy Woods Tells His Life Story In "48 Hunnid"

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Taylor Gang’s Chevy Woods has long provided a voice for young people that have been subject to gritty, violent inner-city living. Woods just finished a new EP, titled The 48 Hunnid Project, that he'll be releasing on August 7th. The project features Dej Loaf on the lead single "All Said And Done," in addition to guest vocals from OG Maco, Post Malone, Wiz Khalifa, and Rico Love. In terms of content, Chevy delves deep into his own history, providing an introspective take on his life before music.

HYPEFRESH’s Erin Simon (@erinasimon) talks with Woods about his project in an exclusive interview.


Erin: What message are you trying to convey with your 48 Hunnid Project?

Chevy Woods: With this project, the message is straightforward. I've been through a lot of things in my life. There's always two sides to the coin. It's not just me out here making music, money, on tour and living life. I've experienced a lot in order to get to this point. On the streets, its not always glitz and glamour. You don't always have the best drugs for sale, the prettiest girl, money etc. Most people end up in jail for chasing these things on the street. My purpose is to illustrate through music both sides of my life, to show where I've come from and what I am today.

Erin: I got a storytelling vibe from your project, similar to what J. Cole did. You start off talking about the beginning with 48 Hunnid, your childhood neighborhood, in the middle, "All Said And Done" serves as a wake up call and in "Lookin' Back" you look back at your life, friend's that you've lost and your career. Ultimately, 48hunnid is a sequential storytelling of your life?

Chevy Woods: That is.... exactly how I structured this new project. I made three other intro songs before I got to 48 Hunnid. On the other ones, I was just rapping. But on 48 Hunnid, I feel like I'm doing a better job of storytelling. I'm giving people a better understanding of where I'm taking my listeners with this EP. From the beginning of the song, it kinda gives you the vibes of an intro. In just seven songs, I wanna introduce people to me, in the best way possible until my LP drops.

Erin: In a previous interview, you said you really took your time with 'The 48 Hunnid Project'. Was it because you were looking to develop your sound or work on your development as an artist overall?

Chevy Woods: It was overall. Everything that I did, I took my time on. From the album artwork (which I went through four different covers), to the track listing... Even picking the beat production and my own personal style. I didn't want it sound like any of my other productions when I do mixtapes or songs. When I recorded 48 Hunnid (the intro), I sat in the studio for two whole hours, perfecting the track, and putting all the words together so I could tell the best story. I felt that from the energy of this project, that I was approaching a different level with this debut EP.

chevy woods 48 hunnid project

Erin: What made you say "Hey I want this project to be different from previous projects"?

Chevy Woods: Doing as much music as I've done, plenty of free music has been given away on my part throughout the years, without personally telling my story. I've been holding back in regards to speaking on my life for so long now, I might as well do it in the right way. And not make it cliche, or corny. Every element of this EP defines me. From the album art to every track on the record. I'm really excited about this project.

Erin: How does it feel to have your first official retail release?

Chevy Woods: *Laughs*. I don't know... I don't have a feeling yet! Just being honest. I'm excited, but I don't know why.. I mean, I've listened to it a lot, and so far - nothing. Maybe in a future moment, like at a listening session, my moms telling me her feedback about it.. or playing it for the people... When that time comes, I know I'll feel that connection.

Erin: Personally, what's your favorite track off of 48 Hunnid and why?

Chevy Woods: The Rico Love track... That's actually a friend of mine. I tell my daughter all the time (who's 13 years old) when your a kid, people that you don't know - are strangers. But when you become an adult, and conduct yourself in some business manners, it changes. Strangers become business partners. Me and Rico, it became that way. Me through Wiz, and we became partners through music. We just always popped (before the music), and kept in touch. Over holidays, or just to check on each other's professional progress within music... Having this friendship helped out alot - in terms of chemistry. We had so much in common to begin with. To this day, when we do records together, or go through the selection process, it's just flows better because of our history.

Erin: This project seems to be releasing during a crucial time, with police brutality incidents, gang-related violence and more. Do you feel right now is the perfect time for the release?

Chevy Woods: I feel like it was a perfect time. I knew I would be out on tour, so I started speaking on it early, creating a build up on it. I put it in motion in the studio, recorded a lot of songs for the project to just get those seven songs... I still have alot to tell in terms of stories, but whats coming next, is gonna be special.

Well, I definitely want to do other things outside of music.

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