EXCLUSIVE: Freddy Krueger Remixes 'Flicka Da Wrist' (Official Video)

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When I seen this video, I almost died laughing.

Who doesn't know the song "Flicka Da Wrist" by Chedda Da Connect?  Well let's just say the good folks over at The Merkins  Youtube channel felt inspired enough to remix it. Not with an ordinary artist. We're talking one of the most deadly villians in the game - Freddy Krueger.

And we all know, he's about that life - foreal.

Surrounded by a gang of goons (who are all killas in addition) the horror villain takes the record into his own hands, adding a more sinister twist to the track. This visual feels surreal, however it's believable. Wouldn't Freddy be doing all this anyways? A definite must watch if your'e in need of a good laugh.

What's your thoughts on this remix/visual?