Exclusive: UK Artist Nick Brewer "Talks To Us" About Who He Is And His Music

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For those of us in the United States, some of us may not know who Nick Brewer is. But, outside of our country, Brewer has been making waves; he was featured as BBC Radio 1's Track of the Day, has worked with Bibi Bourelly aka the writer behind Rihanna’s hit song "Bitch Better Have My Money," and gets over 100K plays on his Soundcloud. He is doing great things with his music, live shows and in general.

HYPEFRESH’s William Carter (@wcarter1020) talks with Brewer about his project in an exclusive interview.


Will Carter: For those of us over here in the United States, tell us about yourself. How would you describe Nick Brewer?

Nick Brewer: I’m a pretty normal guy to be honest. I always feel like I’m so boring when I answer questions like this! I struggled with accepting who I was for a lot of my life. I was a bit of a follower at school, and never really that confident in myself. But I’ve been on a journey, which is what I try and show in my music, and I’ve learnt that I’ve got something to offer.

WC: How long have you been making music? What made you get into the music industry in the first place?

NB: I’ve been making music on and off since about the age of 15. I’ve been writing lyrics since I was about 9. I started taking it seriously when I was about 20, in 2010. I was in my last year of University studying History and working on my dissertation, and I just wanted something else to focus on. So I started making a mixtape, and it just kinda rolled from there. It’s been a fun journey so far.

WC: When was the moment you realized "this is what I want to do"?

NB: I think it was when I started performing. I loved the challenge of trying to win a crowd over, and seeing the reaction from people. There have been really good and really bad experiences, But I liked the challenge, and the buzz that it gave me. So I think that’s what gave me the hunger to really give this a go.

WC: What kind of music would you say you make? And what kind of music do you like?

NB: I find it hard to describe my music. I’m inspired by a lot of different genres. I’m heavily influenced by Grime, as that’s the genre that molded my teenage years. But I wouldn’t call myself a Grime artist specifically. There’s some soulful elements, some Jazz, indy etc. Soulful, introspective, Grime influenced UK Rap.

WC: Who inspires you in the industry and why?

NB: I’m influenced by so many different artists. Wiley has been a huge influence on me. Dizzee Rascal, Kano. Artists like Nas, Eminem and Drake also. James Blake is a huge influence too.

WC: What has been your favorite song that you've done so far? Is it your current single “Talk To Me”?

NB: Ooh that’s a tough question! No I think my favourite song would probably be one of my more personal ones. I did a song on my 2nd mixtape; 'Alone With My Thoughts Part 2’ called "Sound In A Dark Room", which means a lot to me. That might be my favourite. But it’s a bit deep, and might not be everyone’s cup of tea.. But I think "Talk To Me" is a lot more instant and accessible to people straight away, so I’ve got a lot of love for that song to.

WC: Music to you is...?

NB: The channel through which I can really express who I am and what I’m about. I’m not always the best with words, so music has given me a way to communicate and show how I feel.

WC: What advice would you give to anyone that wants to start in the industry?

NB: Work out what you wanna do, what you have to say, and stay true to that. Don’t worry about not seeing instant results. We live in a generation where people want stuff instantly, but things that take longer to build will have a stronger foundation. So just stray true to what you’re doing and work hard.

WC: How do you feel about the state of music that's being produced in the industry today?

NB: I think it’s great. There’s some great music being heard, which people can access almost straight away. It’s a scary time also though, because the way people are consuming music is changing all the time, so it’s somewhat hard to come to grips with the best way to put music out.

WC: What do you want people to know about you?

NB: I really take what I say seriously. I’m not trying to be anything I’m not. Integrity is very important to me. I wanna make a positive impact with the words I say, and encourage people to be themselves, and know they’re valuable. Don’t get caught up trying to impress people for no reason.

WC: How did you collaborate with Bibi Bourelly?
NB: We were introduced while she was over in England from LA. She was over here working with Ellie Goulding, but we were introduced and got on really well. She was able to get in the studio and work on "Talk To Me" with me. She’s a really great person, and very talented. She’s gonna go far for sure.

WC: Do you have plans for a debut album?

NB: Yeah I’m working on it at the moment. It’s gonna be called Recreation and will be out early next year. I’m really looking forward to getting it out there!