MODELS TO WATCH: Liza Irizarry Speaks On Her Modeling, Singing & Acting Career

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There is no denying the beauty of Liza Irizarry, who began her journey at a tender age pursuing her dreams of entering the entertainment industry. Born and raised in Washington Heights in NYC, her career has been influenced by many factors growing up.

"Growing up I listened to a combination of English and Spanish music. My father was a huge influence on me he listened to Rhythm and Blues like the Four Tops and many other R&B artists. And, of course my mom would play Salsa and Merengue on holidays and at birthday parties. As a kid I would put on dance numbers at home for the family."

With this exposure at home, it opened the door to other opportunities she's seen a keen interest in getting into.

"I was always eager to participate in the schools talent shows. At the age of eleven along with some friends from the neighborhood we created an R&B girl group called the uptown girls. With our friends and family as an audience we went around singing to the songs of Mary J. Blige and SWV."

Later moving on to Miami Beach, she chased the exposure of the music and film industry, convincing herself to set pursuit in accomplishing her lifelong dreams.

"I began to attend casting calls and auditioning on a regular basis. In spring of 2003 I was selected to join a Latin all girl group called ‘Una Sangre’ (One Blood). Later that summer I recorded a song called ‘Drop It’ with Kurtis Blow and another female artist. Neither project were a success but I developed skills and experience which have helped me gain understanding of the business."

Modeling being one of her many talents, there's still plenty of time left for her to continue accomplishing her goals set forth. Another being the gift of acting.

"I continue to attend casting calls and was chosen as an extra for the film “Prime” a Ben Younger film and a video for group Aventura called “Un Beso” (A Kiss). I have participated in many magazine contest with reputable companies such as Maxim, Smooth, Stuff and others."

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