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Joe Clancy, COO of Philadelphia's FAMJUICE knows that in order to receive, it's mandatory to give. Especially giving back to the people, to be specific. His partner involved, Ryan Bank$ - who is also the head of the brand's marketing campaigns, knows this to be true as well.

"We have a product that's for the people... " Says Clancy on a warm Autumn afternoon. "And we want all of them to know that we care, tremendously." Joe Clancy who's teamed up with his father - Rick Clancy (owner of Wholesale Ice Cream Company) shares the same vision. The two know that FAMJUICE has been different than a majority of businesses in one specific way: Philanthropy.

FAMJUICE prides themselves in not only selling a quality beverage to the masses, but also with it's community services. They call this their "Streets Stay Fresh" campaign, where the company gathers together and volunteers to help areas in need. This ranges from cleaning up trash, restoring playgrounds, repainting graffiti walls and holding block parties that revamp community pride in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Ryan Bank$, who's not just the head of marketing for the company, but also an active professional recording artist in Philadelphia, also sees the significance of the company's philanthropic works. "I've never seen any business as serious as FAMJUICE is about giving back to the people who support it."

HYPEFRESH® hasn't either. Until now. No spoilers here! Watch the video above and don't forget to leave your comments in the box below!

To learn more about FAMJUICE and its mission, visit their website at http://famjuice.com/our-story/ Don't forget to follow FAMJUICE on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!