Fan Touches Kanye West with a Tribute Painting to his mom

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Out of all the gifts that Kanye West receives from fans, Andrew Gonzalez really touched Mr. West.

Gonzalez waited outside of Kim and Kanye's NYC apartment to give him a portrait of West's mother, Donda West holding his daughter North West.

Kanye's mother died in 2007 after undergoing a cosmetic procedure, as a result, she wasn't able to see her beautiful granddaughter. Anyone who truly follows Kanye knows how important his mother was to him.

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The portrait apparently painted an amazing visual to the song "Only One", which Kanye wrote and dedicated to his daughter and mother.

Upon receiving the photo, Gonzalez says that Kim and Kanye were both very appreciative. In fact, Kanye claimed that the portrait was the best gift that he has ever received from a fan.