firekid is a Country Bluegrass Dream

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Country and bluegrass up-and-comer Dillon Hodges, aka firekid gives us a breathe of fresh air with his debut self-titled album.

According to WME, FIREKID has won 14 National and regional guitar titles, namely the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame’s “Future Hall-of-Famer” award, the Indiana State Guitar Championship, the 2007 National Flat Pick Guitar Championship. Originating from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, DILLON HODGES aka FIREKID became the youngest artist to be fully endorsed by Gibson Guitars.

This self-titled album is a filled with big choruses, pounding melodies and catchy hooks that will be impossible to get out of your head.

Firekid's bluegrass and folksy blend is prominent on every track and his album is best listened to while driving in a pick-up truck on county gravel roads. While some of his songs have a strong country presence, his folksy tune and use of catchy hooks have many of the songs on 'firekid' in line for possible radio play.

"Magic Mountain" is the first song on the album and it is definitely one of the strongest. With lots of 'woo's and plucking guitar lines, the pace of 'Magic Mountain' is unique-- slowing down until the the music crescendos all leading back into a slow moment then it yo-yo's again.


"Getaway car" is a fantastic bluesy-folk tune that is definitely radio-worthy. It has a poppy hook with lyrics like "Wherever you are, I"ll steal your heart." and "I heard you're a runaway bride and I've got a getaway car."

"Lay By Me" and "Gospel" are both toe-tapping ,knee-slapping tunes. Many of firekid's songs follow a similar but successful pattern of starting off at quite a slow pace and picking up enormous speed and strength.

Even firekid's last track is an ode to the "Americana Dream" that everyone chases at one time or another.

The whole album is worth buying but here are a few of our favorites.

  • Getaway Car
  • Magic Mountain
  • Lay By Me
  • Americana Dream

Make sure to pre-order the album on iTunes or download it on Sept. 25. In the meantime, find the stream for firekid, here.