Five Reasons To Respect The King

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Charlotte Bobcats v Miami Heat

For over a decade now it seems like NBA fans have always scrutinized LeBron across the globe.

How many times have you compared King James to Kobe, or the great Michael Jordan? From the barbershops, to the sports bars you can just about bet that LeBron will be in the midst of any NBA conversation. I wanted to take the time to give credit where credits due. Let us not take the product of Akron, Ohio for granted. Listed below are several reasons why LBJ shoud be in your top five!


1). Living up to the hype

Every year there is a proclaimed special person in the draft that is elite, and can possibly stand up to the greats. Now these top draft pics can be a bust, for example: Kwame Brown, Sam Booey, or Greg Oden. But then you have people like: Derrick Rose, John Wall, Kyrie Irving, ow yeah and that guy LeBron James. It is always a gamble in regards to how much noise the #1 pick is able to make amongst a group of elite professionals. You would have to give LeBron credit for making a smooth transition from High School to NBA. He has lived up to the level of expectation that many people imagined him to be even before the draft. Regardless of the debate, it is obvious that HE GOT GAME!



Whether you are a Cleveland fan, Irish Fan, Miami Heat fan, or just a bandwagon jumper, LeBron has backed up his game with the number to prove it. The former 2004 rookie of the year has been the top selling NBA jersey for several seasons. Keep in mind that this is even with him leaving Cleveland to take his talent to South Beach, and returning. LeBron has also continued to creep up the list of all time scorers, with recently passing Allen Iverson to become 20st on the prestigious list. Earlier this month LeBron also passed M.J. to be 9th on the all-time assist, list as well. He has also received numerous awards such as Rookie of the Year (2004), Scoring Champion (2008) 11x NBA All-Star, NBA MVP (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013). He is worthy of some respect.



When it comes to sports, it really does not matter how good you are if you do not have the rings to show it. We have all heard about, or debated if certain individuals deserved to be in the greats without rings. People like Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Tracy Mcgrady, are all examples of basketball legends that missed the mark of the highest. When it comes to LeBron James, it is a different story. For years, people always looked down on LeBron because he was not able to win the big dance. That has all changed since the 2012 Season. In 2011, after failing in Cleveland for seven years LeBron took his talents to South Beach.

The super trio of Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade, and King James, Miami quickly became the favorites to win the finals in 2011. Thanks to Dirk Nowinski, that dream was derailed in six games. The following year Miami made it back to the finals obliterating Kevin Durant & the Thunder in five games. In 2012, The Big Three went back to the finals and pulled the win in a hard fought battle with the Spurs. Even with the finals win, and second finals MVP, James would go on to be defeated in five games against the Spurs in the 2013-2014 seasons. Overall LeBron is 2-3 in the NBA Finals, with making four consecutive appearances from 2011-2014 Season. That takes a lot of talent!


Political Figure

I hope that you have rethought your approach on LeBron from the previous three reasons. However, if not, I can still defend him regarding politics. The King has been a big activist when it comes what the NBA is, and what it stands for. LeBron is currently the NBPA vice president under Chris Paul. Both LeBron and Paul help to hold the ties of communication with the players and owners. He was also a leading voice when former clippers owner Sterling racist conversation was leaked to the public.

He has continued to show tremendous growth, and leadership each year within the league. During LeBron’s first stint with the Cav’s he helped the downtown area invest in Malls, casinos, and other investments that brought about excitement. Even after an ugly break up with leaving Cleveland, he was able to come back for the 2014-2015 season. During the 2014 off-season, James wrote a letter to Cleveland personally apologizing to the city. He also stated that his reason for coming back was not for just Championships, but for city. He stated, “It’s bigger than basketball”. Currently the Cav’s are in the playoffs, with them being the favorite from the East in the finals.



If it is not his game, personality, or how he dress it could only be one last thing. Yes, we have to go there! His hairline. No matter how much I defend LeBron, I know some critics will never let the hairline jokes go. Every article/post that is written about LeBron always follows up with a hairline Joke in the comment area. After a while, we have to grow up and realize that it is natural for men to go bald. Come on people, cut the man a break!!! He has won titles, finals MVP’s, scoring titles, and gold medal in the Olympics. If it was not for LeBron’s hairline, people may be bored on social media. The champ deserves respect!