Flos + Bezar Go Bubblegum Pink Table Lamp

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As of recent, the officially launched online marketplace Bezar opened just a few months back. Offering unique products from indie designers and becoming the hotspot for new art and home decor. Fab.com (from co-founderBradford Shellhammer) delivers what Bazar labels a "color bomb" to their online market place. Taking the futuristic styled Kelvin desk lamp from Flos and splashing it with a hot bubblegum pink, creates a cool look like no other.

According toCool Hunting's Nara Shin

"The Kelvin Green Mode I model features a 360 degree rotating arm, 30 Top LEDs and a Daylight Sensor that, when turned on, will automatically adjust light output depending on the brightness of its surroundings, just like your smartphone."

 Undeniably cool.

Undeniably cool.

"Flos in an iconic Italian brand dedicated to authenticity, technology and design. When Flos USA's CEO Jan and I got together this winter, we immediately starting dreaming up ways our two very different, but very aligned, brands could work together", says Bradford Shellhmmer. The result: Bezar's first 'color bombing' of the classics. We chose the Kelvin as its silhouette lends itself to bright colors and its price point is affordable. We pulled from the Bezar palette a bubblegum pink as we knew this was launching in summer—and because pink freaking rules."

With only 100 of these available via limited edition, the pink FLOS lamp releases today for $495 which includes an expected free shipping rate only on Bezar, This sale will run for 30 days ending on July 15th 2015.

Stay tuned with Bezar, as you never know what color bomb is dropping next.