But, still no fight in sight.

Wednesday night, Floyd Mayweather Jr. took more than a few shots at Conor McGregor on Instagram as their feud continues with no fight in sight. 

Mayweather posted an Instagram video of McGregor tapping out to rival Nate Diaz in their March fight at the UFC 196. 

To make matters worse, the video ends with a braggadocios antic: "49-0 vs. Connor the Notorious Quitter." He went further to Instagram Live calling out the UFC star "Conor McTapout" and conducting a fake interview with a man who mocked McGregor's Irish background. 

Seems like Floyd has a lot of time on his hands. So much in fact, that he is offering $10,000 to a fan that can troll McGregor the best. I say let's end the social media stunts and see a real fight. Your thoughts? 

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