Floyd Mayweather Jr. Says He Doesn't Respect Oscar De La Hoya, "Because He Dresses In Drag"

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In an exclusive interview with FightHype.com's Luis Sandoval, Floyd MayweatherJr. calls out former boxer Oscar De La Hoya, stating that he doesn't respect him because he "wears drag". This of course, was in reference to the Oscar's previous photos, which show him in drag queen clothing. After Oscar took shots in a public open letter to Floyd Mayweather Jr., the undefeated champion decides to air him out.

Floyd also makes reference to the Oscar's pride issues, not allowing anyone to interview him outside of the press. And to put the nail in the casket, he challenges De La Hoya to show for what he's accomplished by showing some bank statements.

This video actually makes a serious point, and De La Hoya should probably listen. It's not like Floyd is lying. Check it out above.