Foals' New Album "What We Went Down" Lacks Excitement But Strives In Originality

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Foals' new album, "What Went Down" is a soundtrack of soulfulness and organic rhythm.

The opening title track immediately traps you into the archetypal British rock sound. The album distributes a few different rhythms and sounds. In the 10-track album, you will experience softer and slower leading from fast and funky rhythms (and vise versa).

Although the album doesn't have a tracklist that may smoothly play into the next, Foals makes up for the inconsistent vibe with their consistent sound and style. If you're a fan of the band you will understand and may be even able to vibe to this new project solidifying their name.

The album will put you in a daydream throughout the listen. Songs like "London Thunder" make you want to close your eyes and just let the day pass. The soft sounds vocals compliment the soft sound of the beat while the conscious lyrics influences the mind. In a track by track guide to the new album, lead singer Yannis Philippakis spoke on the his muse for the song sayin:

“It’s probably informed by touring, being absent in some way. We’ve been to a lot of airports over the last few years, and sometimes there’s this cool melancholy to an airport at a certain hour of the evening. It’s about being away and having some sort of experience that changes you, and waiting to return, knowing that the world you’re returning to will be subtly different because you are.”

"Lonely Hunter" almost provides the same feeling as the previous song with a little bit more groove to it. The upbeat love song transform the song from potentially sad -- given its content but more or less inspirational when you hear the joyful rhythm.

"Will i see you? I've got lost in foreign lands
Tried to get back, oh, I hoped you understand
Wait forever the love is a gun in your hand"

The band could not have made a better selection out of their 10 track project for a better closer than their "A Knife In The Ocean." This song produces that "walking into the sunset" feeling that makes it perfect for the outro a it perfectly wraps up the entire album.

Philippakis: “We were basically packing up to leave. We thought we had the album written. We’d played the other songs a lot, but that was one that just came out of a jam, once the pressure was off.”

Smith: “James had gone out to get a sandwich or something and then he came back and we’d written it. He was like: “What’s that?”. And then: “That’s definitely going on.” There’s elements of jazz. It swings. It’s got a Purdie Shuffle [drum solo made famous by session drummer Bernard Purdie] as the drumbeat.”

Philippakis: “The vocal line isn’t a normal vocal line for me. I’ve never done anything like that before. Musically, I think it’s the perfect closer to the record. It captures the essence of what the band is trying to do.” (Via

"What Went Down" is altogether a collection of that original sound that Foals fans are used to by now. Even though, there wasn't much new compared to other albums, Foals remained to uphold their consistency in terms of sound and quality. This is nowhere near the level of excitement from previous Foals projects such as, Total Life Forever or even Holy Fire. Excitement lacks but in 2015 Foals has nothing left to prove when it comes to stardom. They pretty much have that part on lock.