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Fox Lake Officer Thought to have been Slain, Took His Own Life

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After Illinois police officer Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz became the poster boy for a supposed War on Cops, the truth has emerged in the case.

A massive and expensive manhunt ensued after the officer Known as “G.I. Joe” was apparently gunned down on September 1. The 30-year police and army veteran radioed for backup shortly before 8 a.m. telling dispatch he was investigating three suspicious individuals — two white males and one black.


Investigators have since changed their initial conclusions and have found that Gliniewicz, in an elaborate staged scene, took his own life.

The reasoning stated for the suicide was the increasing stress of inquiries into illicit activities by Gliniewicz, who had been stealing and laundering money from the Fox Lake police explorers club, which he oversaw.

Gliniewicz spent thousands of dollars of the money to pay for personal purchases, mortgage payments and travel, among other things.

Lieutenant Joe Gliniewicz’s death became a rallying cry for Right Wing pundits to blame the Black Lives Matter Movement.