Is Frank Ocean Dropping A Novel?

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2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival - Day 3

As we still wait for Frank Ocean's sophomore album, Boys Don't Cry, we may also be expecting a novel. Pause. Frank wrote a novel guys. Prepare for your brains to explode.

A statement was disclosed this weekend from a tech-savvy individual found some code that may have been just enough to decipher Frank's hidden message. It reads, “[Frank Ocean] is known for being a perfectionist and a pursuant of creativity in all forms,” it reads. “He resists pressure and follows his own vision. He has published a magazine and worked on a novel while continuing to perfect his highly anticipated second album.”

And it doesn't stop there folks! In addition to an album and novel, Frank Ocean may even drop a magazine to accompany the album's release. Stay tuned for more updates because we sure are!