Another Frank Ocean Album?

According to his guitarist, Spaceman, Frank has more music...
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Frank Ocean has been a steady topic of discussion lately. From his recent release from Def Jam to his genius master plan of releasing two albums, Endless and Blonde, independently, media outlets are rushing to his front door and grab whatever info they can. We aren't interested in the gossip. For us, it's about the music. So, does he have another album coming soon?  

According to his mysterious guitar player, Spaceman, Frank Ocean  has a lot of music that was made and has net been released or heard. Billy "Spaceman" Patterson can be found on favorites like, "Nights,", "Skyline To," "Seigfreid," "Ivy," "Pink & White," "Pretty Sweet," and "Close To You." 

How much music? 

In a recent interview, Spaceman stated, “We had like 14-hour, 15-, 16-hour sessions,” he says. “We’re creating continually. So something may happen, and [Frank might] say, ‘Oh, that’s nice, let’s try this here.’ So it winds up becoming a thing, and then I wind up doing a lot of different kind of textures.” Engineer Caleb Levan would leave on the red recording light just in case the musicians stumbled onto an idea worth preserving. “It wasn’t defined: ‘OK, this is Endless,’ or ‘this is Boys Don’t Cry or Blonde’ or whatever the working titles were,” Space adds. “I call it just one giant, long record"

So with all the mystery music stashed somewhere, is it enough for a full length album? Maybe two? Who knows, but if you are like me, then your fingers are crossed.