Here's An APP That Will Text You When The Frank Ocean Album Drops

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At the beginning the month, Frank Ocean had his fans all over the globe staying up until midnight on Friday, August 5th- the alleged release date of his second studio album, Boys Don't Cry. And as we know, it never dropped, leaving fans furious and less likely to remain informed about pertinent details. But luckily, there's an online service that will do all the work for us! Introducing (650)82OCEANthe online app created by Shahzeb Khan, which will send you a message as soon as the album goes live on Spotify or iTunes. After downloading the app, you provide your phone number and/or e-mail address, and the app will notify you when the album drops- if it ever does. Since it's inception, over 15, 000 people have signed up. Now, it's your turn! Sign up hereand lets all wait patiently together.