Freeway Shares New Video For “#ILLUMINATE”

Lends His Voice To Baltimore’s Youth
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Lends His Voice To Baltimore’s Youth
Philadelphia Freeway | @phillyfreezer

Philadelphia Freeway | @phillyfreezer

Philadelphia Freeway is back.

And this time he has a mission to bring awareness to social issues that are plaguing our day to day every time we look up. Organizing and advocating for the embattled citizens of Baltimore, his purpose this go around is greater than ever before.

Yeah, we know Freeway is an exceptional recording artist and of course has brought classic hits in his hay-day. But he's taking to the streets himself to let the African American community know, his heart is in the right place when it comes to situations like Freddie Gray as of recent.

His latest video titled #illuminate is an inspiring clip of his philanthropic outreach in getting the message across to the people first. Sure, he's from Philadelphia, but when it comes to the African American community, it goes beyond home. It's everywhere. He makes his point ring across borders, we all are in this together. And in order for us to rise above whats been going down involving the police, we have to unify and do something about it.

Very admirable and honorable. Freeway has always been in the industry to make a difference, and this piece clearly exemplifies that. Lets take a second to witness the importance of this and support Philadelphia's very own. In the name of cultural em-betterment.

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