We are undoubtedly in the era of throwback everything with Power Rangers, X-Files, Girl Meets World and other '90s TV shows getting reboots, making the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air a topic of conversation. Well, it's not really a conversation anymore, seeing as though fans have already mapped it out. 


Instead of the show focusing on Will Smith's nostalgically iconic character getting shipped off to Bel-Air with his rich aunt and uncle, the reboot would center around Jaden Smith. After living the 'good life' in Bel-Air, Jaden would get shipped to West Philadelphia for a healthy dosage of reality. It sounds like an awesome twist, but Will Smith is uninterested in a Fresh Prince reboot. 

When asked about his thoughts on the reboot, Will stated, "I’m not doing it. “If somebody wanted to, I would probably let them, but I have no intention.” So our hopes of seeing Jaden live in West Philly? Nope, that's definitely not happening either. "Just leave that alone," he added, stating that unless hell freezes over, here is no way it'll happen. So unless Satan is caught working on his toe loops, a Fresh Prince reboot is only a figment of our imaginations. So let it go.