FUNNY: Guy Gets Pranked By His Barber... Must See!

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All we have to say is "Wow".

Just when you thought it was safe to go the shop and get a triple Philly uptown fade, we got news for you. If your friends pay your barber $100 or more to prank you, 9 times outta 10 - your not getting the style you were hoping for.

As messed up as this is, lets just face the facts - friends do the damnedest things.

This poor guy sits in the chair not knowing that his wig is getting pushed back. We're talking ALL the way back. We're talking "T.J. Sotomoisture"wayyyy back.  (Click the link to see what we're referring to)

All in all, this dude got his hairline destroyed by the likes of his "homies". Just makes you wonder, if this ever happened to you, how would you react?