Future To Ciara "This B*tch Got Control Problems"

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Rapper Future is on a successful career ride right now, but only one thing is missing right now, his son baby Future with Ciara.

Future has been seen all over social media with his kids, especially this Christmas, except baby future. According to Future, Ciara has been keeping him from seeing his father. Future didn't go into full depth about what is going on, but he did tweet about. Future and Ciara broke up after baby Future was born, and after that the subliminal diss records came out. The most prominent was Ciara's "I Bet". Future and Ciara's parental problems became more public when Future made comment about Ciara having their child around Ciara's current boyfriend Russell Wilson. Future started the series of tweets with "This Bitch Got Control Problems." The tweet has since been deleted.

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Ciara has yet to reply, but according to TMZ, Ciara does not prevent Future from seeing their child, and that Ciara believes Future uses their situation to promote his music. They also reported that Future is ready to involve lawyers.

Their situation has gotten so public, that even celebrities have taken to social media to share their thoughts. Most recently, comedian Lil' Duval. Lil' Duval went to Instagram to share his thoughts.