Gary Clark Jr. Has So Much Emotion In 'The Story of Sonny Boy Slim'

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On Gary Clark Jr.'s, sophomore album, he emerges as a force to be reckoned. There's so much sound, soul and emotion in this 13-track, 53 minute album, titled "The Story of Sonny Boy Slim."

Clark hails from Austin, Tx and you can tell by listening to this album how heavily influenced he is by funk, blues, country, hip-hop, gospel and soul.

These different sounds allow him to tell a totally personal and unique story that is not necessarily cohesive, but in the end stands as a collection of notes about struggle and love.

The sound he creates are rooted in sounds similar to modern day neo-soul. He expands his own sound and there is no true category to place him in, because Clark seems to continue to break the mold and work in uncharted territory.

The Austin native wrote and produced this album, often accentuating his developing vocal range while integrating his dour guitar work.

As mentioned earlier, he takes influence from a variety of genres which you can really tell with nods to hip-hop, he shifts from blues to rock (“Grinder”) to funk-soul (inspirational “Star”) to gospel with better control.

Both traditional sounding and impossible to pigeonhole, Clark’s album is extremely unique. With the fusion of so many genres, Clark truly is a man of many talents. Should be interesting to see where his next album will land him as his skills seem to only improve quite favorably.