Get Your Campaign Up and Ready

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A successful campaign should embody certain characteristics:

Clear and single-minded. The core message—regardless of the media platform—is easy to understand and based on one core insight.

Relevant: When exposed to the campaign, people in the target audience feel that ‘It’s for people like me.’

Tangible: The call to action is clear, so people know right away what you are asking them to do.

Emotional: In most cases, information alone is not inherently motivating. Effective campaigns appeal to people’s emotions as much if not more than their rational side.

Campaigns that are clear, relevant, action-oriented, and emotional are more likely to have the desired effect—in most cases, to influence people to change a behavior that benefits themselves, their families, or their community. You must give something. Ask yourself are you supplying a need.

An overview of the process through which great campaigns are made, remember that covering the major steps in planning, implementing and evaluating a campaigns key. It’s all about order and demand.

One note: Budgets for social marketing campaigns, no matter what the scale, are normally quite tight.

And oftentimes, timing is also tight. So don’t be discouraged if your organization does not have the budget or time to accomplish every step. A huge budget and a relaxed schedule is no guarantee for success.
Sometimes aiming too high is a price you will have to pay . Be realistic.

Don’t forget:


For a successful campaign do your ‘homework’ before it launches. An investment in up-front planning and research is almost always an investment that pays off.

The sky is the limit but make sure you’re ready for take off.