Ghanaian Afro Soul Singer Jeff Darko’s Summer Style Guide To Barcelona

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Jeff Darko shares his summer style guide in a series of photos shot in Barcelona exclusively for Okayafrica. - Read up on the full story at

Having recently relocated to Barcelona, the Ghanaian Afro Soul Singer explains how it influences his style and sound. “One of my favorite spots in Barcelona has to be Rambla del Raval. It is renowned for the best vintage shops in the city. My friends Pepe Pardo and Gigi D’amico have the coolest shop around that area which I visit frequently called Holala! Ibiza. It’s very crowded but since it’s the heart of the city, you learn so much about the culture. For me, the options are endless in this area, you have the best tapas, art exhibitions, amazing bars and so much more. This is a spot I believe anyone visiting Barcelona should definitely check out, it’s very entertaining and brings out the beautiful culture.” 

“Moving to this artistic city has inspired my new sound,” he told us at the time. “The streets are always lively here, which inspired me to use more live instruments in this new music.” - Jeff Darko

Photos:Willy Villacorta


Makeup Artist:Katie Donoghue