Gmail to the Rescue with Undo Send Function

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gmail unsend function

Have you ever fired off an email and either "replied all" accidentally, spelled something wrong or simply realized after seeing the word "sent" that it was a bad idea? Have you ever sent a drunken email to an ex that you wish you could have taken back? Well Google apparently empathizes with those of us who have found ourselves in just that predicament and has given us a super handy and helpful tool to catch typos and other bad email sending decisions.

The first thing to realize about the new Undo Send is that it's only a 30 second window so no morning after retractions just 30 seconds to realize your mistake and bring back into the draft stage a sent email before it’s actually delivered. The feature is easy to enable in Gmail settings and I can honestly say not 24 hours after enabling the new feature I needed it myself. Thank you Google!