Graphic Designer Offered Job With NBA After Redesigning Team Logos

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Ever thought some of the NBA logos were a bit out-dated and needed to be revamped? Well, graphic designer Addison Foote thought so too and decided to redesign them himself. Starting with the Utah Jazz, Foote edited all 30 NBA logos in 30 days.

"My knowledge of the NBA is pretty well-versed, but I still wanted to kind of do a little bit of research behind the history of every team's logo and behind the meaning of the team name and references of their cities," Foote said. "I tried to kind of compile as much information and knowledge (as I could) before I started my concept sketches."

He posted all of the redefined logos on Reddit and got the NBA's attention within four days. The league offered Foote a contract to do some freelance work for social media pages.

"I was shocked with how well it was received," he said. "I didn't have any expectations with it. I just wanted to do it just as a personal project just for fun."

"I was so excited. I'd always dreamed as a kid to do something for the NBA. I've always been a huge basketball fan," Foote continued.

You can check out some of the 30 graphics below and view the rest here.