Grizzlies' Matt Barnes and Knicks' Head Coach Derek Fisher Get Into An Altercation

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New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher and Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes reportedly got into a fight Saturday in Los Angeles during a party at Barnes' ex-wife's house, ESPN reports.

ESPN's source says that Barnes arrived and became physical with Fisher.

What makes this situation tricky is that Barnes and Fisher played together on the Los Angeles Lakers from 2010 to 2012, they were said to be very close. But, not only that the New York Post reported that Barnes' ex-wife, Gloria Govan, who stars on Basketball Wives LA, is in a relationship with Fisher.

Fisher was recently asked about the altercation but did not want to comment on it.

"Personal and private matters are personal and private. We're obviously public figures, but we're at work," he said. "So I won't be commenting on anything that's happened personally or privately for me.

Hopefully, things can be resolved, you never want to lose a close friend.