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Guantanamo Bay Prison's Closing Plans Are Expected Next Week

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Guantanamo Bay detention center, known for its infamous torture methods for prisoners may be closing soon.

The New York Times reports that the Pentagon's plans outlining the effort to close the prison is expected to come within the next week or so.

This plan shows Obama administrations last effort to show Congress that dangerous prisoners who can't be transferred safely to other countries should be in U.S.-based prisons.

The plan doesn't recommend which of the seven U.S. sites to use but it lists the prison sites in Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas. In addition to the new site, the plan also shows an effort to reduce the prisoner population at Guantanamo by transferring to other countries. Currently, it holds 112 detainees and 53 are eligible to be transferred. The rest are facing trial by the military or government and are considered too dangerous to transfer.

To approve transfers, Defense Secretary Ash Carter has to conclude that the prisoner won't get involved in any terrorism acts once they are released and that the hosting country is willing to take them and guarantee that they will secure them.