Gucci Mane vs The Internet

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#FreeGucci has been a chant of many people on social media but since he's been home a lot of people are wondering what happened to him. Since Gucci has been home, he's cleaned up his lifestyle and seems to be clear minded. He's lost weight and works out every morning on his Snapchat (@Guwopsnap). He's currently on house arrest but that doesn't seem to be the reason why he's calmed down, it truly seems as if he's enjoying his new life. With all that being sai,d the internet has one question...where is the real Gucci Mane? Fans have started a wild rumor that the Gucci we see now is a clone and the real Gucci died in prison, which brings me to ask are you a clone? Do you remember being born? No? Just like I thought. We should all embrace this man or Mane in this case and celebrate that he didn't let jail get the best of him and that he rose up when facing adversity! We over here at Hypefresh would like to congratulate Gucci and hope that he continues on this path!