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Guys, We Need Moisturizer and Good Soap Too!

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It's the holiday time and many of us are indecisive about what we need versus what we want. Most of us will stick to the conventional gifts such as watches, slippers, robes and bags. However, soap could be a nice gift.

Hear me out, buying soap for someone is not offensive. Especially if the soap is $60 and infused with ancient Neroli oil. Okay, well let me take that back, it isn't ancient, but it sounded cool.

Czech & Speake are the originators of this phenomenon, combining the essential oil from the flowers of the Seville orange into a bar of soap for an experience that trumps the cost.

Guys, we need moisturizer too! So these logo stamped soap bars may be your go-to this holiday season. Check them out here at Mr. Porter.