Halloween Costumes That Will Get You Laid

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Halloween is only three days away. And If you are contemplating last-minute costumes and how much alcohol to buy, you are not alone. I myself, am thinking of what costume will get me laid. Lets be honest, costumes can be fun, cool and comical, but at a party, it can serve a different purpose. You want to be noticed. You want to be approachable. And most of all, you don't want to leave the party alone. No worries, here at HypeFresh, we have compiled our favorite chick-magnetic costumes for all hallows eve. Take note, be safe and have fun!

Superman is the epitome of strength, swag and chicks. What women wouldn't trade her shoes for Lois Lane? The answer is none! Get a cape and you are bound to leave with a vixen.


Nothing says, "I'm powerful, dangerous and cool" quite like a gladiator costume". Don't worry about being "swole". Get a sword and some armor, your inner manliness is bound to attract a woman looking for some thrill and excitement.


What women wouldn't do a bad-ass explorer of the world? Simply dust off your dad's trench coat, hat and buy a whip. You'll look cool, stylish and laid-back. Trust me, you'll find your Marion Ravenwood.

indiana jones

It doesn't take much more than a black suit and a bow tie to pull off James Bond. And you become unrecognizable, just answer, "The name's Bond. James Bond".


As the saying goes, "Women love a man in the uniform". So this year, bring her fantasy to life by dressing as an officer of the law. It might be the right move this year.


Thanks to T.V. series like Twilight and Vampire Dairies, women are infatuated with vampires! All you need are fangs and a cape. Play it cool and the women will flock.
If you have any suggestions for next year, comment below!