HeartBreak Halloween Was Consistently Energetic And Awesome

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If you haven't gone to HeartBreak Halloween yet, then you are missing out.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the show on Friday but, I was able to go to the one on Saturday and it was very energetic and live.

The whole HeartBreak Gang performed: Iamsu!, P-Lo, Sage the Gemini, Kehlani, CJ, Rossi, Jay Ant, Kool John, Dave Steezy, and Azure.

In addition to performances by the gang, G-Eazy and YG made guest appearances during the show on Saturday.

What I love about this group and what was evident watching them perform is that every member has a different style, personality and swag. CJ is very chill, Kehlani is a sweetheart, Sage the Gemini is funny, Iamsu! is friendly and they all had performances filled with such energy that it made the overall event great.

Hands were swaying, marijuana clouds filled the air and it was nothing less than a party up in there. And both nights had the same level of energy....turn down for what?!?

It was quite a trek going from New York to San Francisco for a day but, it was worth it. To see a group come together for one night and kill it like they did was one for the books.

Best believe it will be the same way or even better next year.

Photo credit: Carlos Campos & Andrew Campos