Here's A Mural To Show How Much Kanye Loves Kanye (Photo)

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kanye kissing kanye

It's clear that Kanye West loves himself and everything he does, but now there's a representation of what some people see in their eyes.

Australian artist Scott Marsh created a 20 foot mural of West kissing himself. The exact location is not said at this time, but it is speculated to be in Sydney, Australia. The picture is actually a rip of an original photo of him and Kim Kardashian making out at the Grammys. West has issues like everyone, but his self love seems to be what keeps him going, especially with his family. West showed his self love in his song “I Love Kanye” off of his album "The Life Of Pablo," where he talks about himself. The last line is "And I love you like Kanye loves Kanye"