Here's How Lil Dicky Made an Epic Rap Music Video For Free

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“Does nobody know anybody with a mansion?”

This isn't the usual question everyday people are used to answering. If you can answer this question without hesitation, you my friend are not an everyday person.

7 Million YouTube views in thus far in just a mere two weeks, Lil Dicky’s epic music video for “$ave Dat Money” alongside Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan proves that you don't need a million dollars to make a hit visual. Nor do you need a million dollars to get more than a million hits.

Heres Lil Dicky's Recipe in doing this:

You need a mansion + boat + club + cars and celebrities.

That's it?! Yes, it is. But the key is not having to pay for it out of pocket. Through being resourceful, providing the amenities for the video, it wouldn't be that hard to do get a great outcome. Honestly, this is just purely genius in the highest degree. Who would've ever thought of doing this in such a fashion? In this case Lil' Dicky is the mastermind behind the "$ave dat money" movement. Check out the video above and prepared to laugh your ass off simultaneously learning some next level 'ish.