Here's What It Means To Eat 'Healthy'

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What does it actually mean to eat healthy? One minute fruit is great for health. The next study will show that too much can kill you. One day lettuce is awesome and the next day, it's a carrier for virus. It's enough to make anyone run to their nearest Wendy's. My argument is to question the validity of the word "healthy".

It's all over the news. "Tips For A Healthy Breakfast" , "10 Ways To Stay Healthy", and "Get Fit. Get Healthy Now". But no one has accurately described what consists of healthy eating. No worries, I am here to make it simple.

Lets be clear. Healthy is different for everyone. But to make it simple, here are a few of my tips to a healthier, better you.

  1. Eat a leafy vegetable with every meal. If your'e like me, sometimes eating green vegetables can be difficult. So just drink your veges! Green smoothies are a great start!
  2. Limit your salt, sugar and fat intake. This is where we all are guilty! For an alternative, try mixed nuts, dried fruit and Greek yogurt. For your sugar rush, look to natural fruits. No processed sugar guys!
  3. Stay away from sugary beverages and soda!
  4. Now a healthier, better you means also exercising! 30 minutes a day of cardio is definitely in order. For more tips, check it out here!

Stay healthy my friends!