Here's What James Harden Should Do To Reverse Lil B's Curse

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The pressure is rising for NBA superstar James Harden (Houston Rockets) who just recently got his hands tied by what seems like everyone. Including Lil B, The Based God. Alongside every media outlet on the planet.

After using Lil B's world famous "cooking" dance on live television (multiple times), many suspect that James Harden purposely coined the signature without giving credit or paying homage to it's creator. Which in turn equates to "swagger jacking" or "biting" another's style without paying dues. This is not good, and is getting worse for the NBA mogul most know for his well groomed beard.

Speaking on beards... Let's say another superstar NBA player decides to grow an exact replica of James Harden's facial style and coins it. What would it appear to be? Either he's a huge fan or an imitator. If the player goes public and speaks on the homage due to Harden, then he's in good grounds. But if he denies paying respect to the creator of the style, he's copy catting. Many won't respect him and will feel as if there's some fishy buisness going down.

According to the Huffington Post, James Harden is denying the knowledge of any rapper named Lil B. Wait a minute... How could anyone not know who Lil B is? #THEBASEDGOD plagues the timelines of millions on social media, which all link back to the hip hop mogul himself. Lil B even points out via Harden's personal Twitter account that he knows who he is:

So in our opinion, here's what James Harden should do to reverse the curse of Lil B, and to regain respect amongst millions upon millions of people.

1. Publically apologize.

2. Give credit to the creator.

3. Personally take a handshake photo via social media with Lil B stating "Squashed".

4. Do the "cooking" dance with Lil B center floor come the Houston Rockets season opener in 2016.


If these steps are done, the curse will be reversed for good. And then Harden can walk away with clean hands and his integrity back. But if he doesn't, we can expect a lot more damage to be done to his reputation until one of the these steps are initiated.