Here's Why DJ Khaled Is The Most Inspirational Artist On Social Media

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At this point, everyone follows DJ Khaled on Snapchat (shame on you if you're not). He has only been on Snap for less than 5 months, but he has quickly become one of the most entertaining celebrities to follow.

His Snaps are basically a routine. He says "Good morning," eats, waters his plants, and works out. But while doing so, his viewers are witnessing Khaled's most hilarious and sometimes outrageous moments. Like the time he got lost at sea while jet skiing; or when he asks Ben, Khaled's sneaker plug, "how's business?" which is always "Booming!"

Despite the hilarity that comes with following DJ Khaled, the music mogul does deliver some inspiration -- something that is rare on most artists' accounts. "Let me inspire you," he says. If you haven't been inspired by his catchphrases, then his daily Snaps will motivate you to improve your life.

Here are four reasons why DJ Khaled is the most inspirational artist today:

  1. He details the keys to success.

DJ Khaled has found great success during his career thanks to his chart-topping pose records. So it's only fair that he offers to his 2 million followers the ways, or "keys", to become successful. Though some are ludicrous, like having a lot of pillows will equate to success, most of his advice is insightful and should inspire you as you embark on the journey to success.

major key

 2. Inspires you to stay healthy.

Three guaranteed locations during Khaled's story: The kitchen, gym, and bathroom. Everyone does not see the importance of staying healthy and personal hygiene, but Khaled does.

Of course all of this reverts back to the major keys to success. Whether it's running on the elliptical, rubbing coco butter on his body, or eating one of the many healthy meals prepared by Chef Dee, Khaled shows that you can't reach success without a clean mind, body, and soul.

3. Motivates you to give thanks and to enjoy life.


As his Snaps would indicate, DJ Khaled is enjoying life and he wants you do the same. You may feel defeated because you're not where you want to be in life right now, but Khaled reminds you to acknowledge your blessings and enjoy life for what it is. Ultimately, it will lead to more success.

Yes, everything Khaled says will lead to more success.

4. Teaches you how to fend off haters


As your travel down the road to success, you will encounter enemies and haters, people Khaled eloquently calls "they."

"They" will try everything in their power to block your path to success. So how do you win in the battle against "they" you ask? Khaled advises: "Don't entertain they. Keep they away from you and tell they to bow down and kneel."

Another empowerful message from none other than DJ Khaled.

To get your daily dose of DJ Khaled's keys to success, follow him on Snapchat @DJKHALED305.