Kid Asks Michael Jordan, "WHAT ARE THOSE?!"

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There once was a time where the level of respect for one considered to be a "superstar" was placed so high upon a pedestal, the seemed almost invincible, but with the ways of the society today in 2015, that day is long past over (insert sarcastic remark here).

I once read an article where it said in a very blatant tone, "in the world we live in today, people just don't care". That can be taken as lightly or severe, but in this case, it's just plain long funny.

Yesterday, Michael Jordan held his Flight School Basketball Camp wearing two different pairs of unreleased Air Jordan XX9 lows.

I'm not too sure how popular this particular sneaker of the Jordan brand is, but it left too much room for a 17-year-old funny guy by the name of Bryce Lyle to ask the superstar, 7-time championship winning, basketball phenomenon the most hilarious question that has been circulating via meme's all over Instagram: WHAT ARE THOSE?!

Jordan, obviously not hip to the funny new Instagram joke since he lives under a rock as far as social media is concerned, was puzzled by the question & all the laughing kids that filled the gym. He had to get a "lingo of 2015 for dummies" session before understanding the question he was asked & responded as literally as possible, "what are those?! These are 29 Lows".

Sole Collector caught up with Bryce for a brief interview as to what sparked him to include MICHAEL JORDAN in the meme jokes.

All these kids were asking the same kind of boring questions and I just wanted to spice it up and joke around a bit.. I talked to my little brother and some friends about the [Q&A portion] at the beginning of the week. I told him I’m about to ask him, ‘What are those!?

Read the full interview here. Michael Jordan, you've just been punk'd.