Hidden Racism Exposed: 'Still a racist nation' (VIDEO)

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According to TheGuardian.com:

"More than a week ago, South Carolina lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to take down the Confederate flag from its prominent position on the statehouse grounds. The controversial decision, which followed a racially motivated 17 June shooting that left nine African American men and women dead inside a historic Charleston church, prompted competing rallies between white supremacist and black activist groups."

 Malik Stroman, (Center)

Malik Stroman, (Center)

“The KKK is like a gang,” Stroman said. “Now, if we said a whole lot of bloods were going to have a rally, all of them would be locked up. But the KKK can come up here and get protected.”

What you are about to see in the video above (if you haven't already watched it first), is absolutely disgusting. The people of the United States have to get better and do better. Why are we still fighting over race? Hating each other due to the color of our skin? We've come too far as a nation to digress. Watch the video, share those thoughts below. We'd like to see your reaction.