The Forerunner Discusses The True Mainstream Hip Hop Agenda

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Hidden agenda in Hip Hop? We know you're scratching your head at this moment. But honestly, there actually is. HYPEFRESH® has the facts to prove it.

Christopher Hudson, also famously known worldwide as the "Forerunner" took time to speak with HYPEFRESH® Curator, Clark Kennedy to talk about one extremely important topic: the hip-hop mainstream agenda.

Though it used to be deemed a "secret" the infamous satanic occult, "The Illuminati" has been blatantly mainstreaming its agenda and symbolism into today's modern media. Especially throughout the almighty hip-hop culture.


There are many fans of the genre that claim they don't see where The satanic undertones in the music lie. However there are a few select individuals that see it as clear as day. HYPEFRESH® being one of them.

"I believe the only way we can truly see a change in today's mainstream media is through the acceptance of the everlasting gospel. " Says Hudson, as he casually proceeds to explain his opinion. "And honestly that's the only remedy to solving any problems in the world today."

One of his key points circled around the continuous education the occult leaders are feeding to the masses through the entertainment industry.. He also warned that if people don't wake up and educate themselves to what's really going on behind the scenes, this brainwashing will continue.

"It's all about being educated. A man can never rise above his education. The hidden agenda of what's being taught is fed through the vessels of hip-hop, and many other popular entertainment outlets - subliminally, that is."


Hudson recalls on times in the past where religion was accepted more openly in the mainstream hip hop media.

"There used to be a time within the hip-hop culture where God and Jesus were acknowledged. But as time progressed, the culture is pushing more towards atheism and secular humanism, while deviating further away from Christ-like references. All of this is part of the hidden Hip Hop agenda."

Hudson, who previously wrote screenplays for movies and was also a key player involved in the professional music industry, comes from a history of understanding through experiencing these things firsthand to state his facts.

"Within Hip Hop, the Illuminati has introduced Satanic occult principles from a more attractive angle - especially towards African Americans. Though the genre is currently multi-cultural, it got it's roots from Black culture. African Americans are the primary targets being baited by a culture their most familiar to."


He continues by explaining more detail within the agenda.

"Instead of showing the more perverse and graphic side of their occultism, they promote the attractive things individuals can directly benefit from by joining their movement . Throw a few symbols in here and there, some financial/material gains etc, etc;… Now, these people are willing to except what they're offering. Mainly because they come from nothing and were once in their lives poor. However, not knowing, they have to except the entire lifestyle as a whole."

Stunned at what was being said, Clark asks the key question: "but why?"

"Their not going to bite the hand that feeds them. Simple as that."


Is this what the culture of Hip Hop has become? A soul-selling business for riches and fame? Unfortunately, yes. It's either get down, or lay down - in laymen's terms.

"It's Unfortunate to say, but the industry can't be turned around. And honestly, I don't believe anyone in the industry itself believes that it's a possibility."

And on this note, he left Clark with the key solution.

"We have to get back to the bible. Everything we need is in there for our survival."

Like it or not, "the truth is the truth."