Holly Holm Says She Could Beat Ronda Rousey In Every Fight

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After her much talked about win against Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm is on a powerful winners high.

Holm is definitely enjoying her life right now after defeating former UFC title holder Rousey, and rightfully so. Holm has even received recognition from Floyd Mayweather, which adds to her growing popularity. While Holm is doing multiple interviews, there was one interview question with The New York Times that has caught the attention of the public. New York Times asked Holm

"If you were to fight her 10 times, how many would you win?"

A: Ten. Because if I tell myself that there is one that I might not get, then I’ll be vulnerable. I also know that I’m beatable, so I’m going to train twice as hard. She’s going to come back. She’s mad that it’s not her title anymore. I’ve got to be twice as ready as last time."

Holm does make a good point, a person has to have a positive attitude and a top notch mentality, but humility does go a long way. Holm is definitely on a winner, and hopefully she will continue to have her winning streak with a more humbling personality. Holm also goes on to say

"I want to fight as long as I’m still passionate about it. I don’t know how many more fights that is, how many more years that is. Some people feel stronger in their 30s. I’m 34. I’ve noticed I do feel stronger now than when I was 24. But I’m also more sore in the mornings. If I have a bump or a bruise from practice, it takes me a little bit more than just an ice bath to get rid of it. At the end of the week, my body’s ready for a day off..."