Horrible Video Catches Massive Crane Collapsing in Manhattan

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One man was killed and four others were injured when a construction crane fell and crashed on a busy street in Tribeca Friday, according to NY Daily News.

The crane crashed into a row of cars with winds hitting at 20 mph.

"This incident occurred literally as they were lowering the crane to secure it," de Blasio said. "No work was done this morning because the crew made the decision to bring the crane down to the secure position."

The man who died was identified by police as David Wichs, Mayor de Blasio said.

He looked like a maintenance worker,” said SBA President Edward Mullins, He was dressed in a maintenance uniform. He didn’t look like a construction worker. We placed a blanket over him.”

Thursday, the crane was loading heavy air conditioning equipment to the roof top of the construction site.

I saw it yesterday,” Mullins said. “I thought to myself if this comes down its going to take out our building.”

A witness caught footage of the crane collapsing at the scene.